Malcolm Kemp FIA, CERA


Malcolm is an internationally known expert in risk and quantitative finance, with over 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry including senior roles in insurance and investment management.

Malcolm’s role at Barnett Waddingham focuses on the provision of Chief Actuary and related services to life insurance firms, particularly if their primary business emphasis revolves around asset management activities.

Significant experience:

  • Chief Actuary / Head of Actuarial Function for life insurers  
  • Risk Management activities (ORSA, Risk and Control Self-Assessments, Risk Policy definition etc.)
  • Investment strategy advice to insurers, including advice on structuring derivatives programmes

Other expertise:

  • Member of the Advisory Scientific Committee of the European Systemic Risk Board.
  • Contributed to financial stability policymaking across the EU financial system (banking, asset management, insurance, pensions, shadow banking etc.), including contributions relating to the current low interest rate environment, implementation of IFRS 9, and interaction between insurers, pension funds and systemic risk.
  • Malcolm is also an Adjunct Professor at Imperial Business School, London (where he teaches a course on Enterprise Risk Management) and has written three books on quantitative finance, on Market Consistency, Extreme Events and Systemic Risk.


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