In this five-step guidebook, you will discover:

  • How you can help to ease mental health pressures in your workforce
  • What you can do to combat negative employee retention trends
  • How to take a more dynamic approach to offering employees financial support
  • What you should prioritise in your organisation to drive effective change
  • The key underlying reason affecting employee resilience and how to influence it

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Build a truly resilient business

Discover how senior executives can create a culture of resilience which provides the foundations for an organisation to develop and thrive. Our analysis reveals:

  • the post-pandemic needs of employees
  • what building resilience in your workforce really means
  • how to create a strong workplace community
  • how to unify business objectives and culture through leadership

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Evolve your flexible benefits

The concept of ‘flexible benefits’ should excite leaders of organisations because as a core part of the employee value proposition they can fundamentally affect business performance. Read our expert guidance on:

  • what reimagining your EVP could mean
  • what the pandemic changed for benefits expectations
  • how you can uncover secret workforce stressors
  • how to put your data to work and evolve your offering

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Uncover the secrets of workplace wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is a priority for boardrooms in most forward-thinking organisations. But absenteeism as a metric alone doesn't provide the full picture – hidden factors such as poor mental health and 'presenteeism' can seriously damage productivity. So, what can employers do to mitigate the risks? Read more about:

  • understanding healthy business cultures from the top down
  • how the pandemic has changed workplace mental health
  • how to take a holistic approach to your employee value proposition

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