Jack Carmichael FIA

Consulting Actuary

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Jack works as both a consulting and longevity actuary. His consulting work involves advising trustees of DB pension schemes including actuarial valuations, setting appropriate mortality assumptions, undertaking mortality analyses, corporate accounting disclosures and buy-in/out feasibility assessments.

He also leads Barnett Waddingham’s Longevity Network, which champions longevity-related issues for DB pension schemes and disseminates technical longevity research to other actuaries in the firm.

Jack also works with the Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI). He provides secretarial services to the CMI Mortality Projections Committee, which produces the CMI Mortality Projections Model, and to the CMI Covid-19 Working Party, set up to provide technical assistance to the other CMI Committees in light of the abnormal mortality data observed in 2020.  

Significant experience:

  • Involved with the annual production of the CMI Mortality Projections Model
  • Assistant to the Mortality Research Steering Committee, an Institute and Faculty of Actuaries committee which aims to advance mortality research
  • Developed Barnett Waddingham’s standard mortality assumptions advice analysis report 
  • Acts as longevity expert for actuaries in the Amersham office
  • Involved with actuarial valuations for several £1bn+ DB pension schemes


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