Michelle Bellwood FIA


Michelle has significant experience in providing investment advice to a wide range of pension schemes, as well as in carrying out fixed income and credit research for a large global hedge fund of funds.

She has developed particular expertise in designing and implementing de-risking structures and assisting trustees achieve their long-term funding objectives via the careful tailoring of their protection portfolios.

Michelle advises a range of UK pension schemes, both in terms of asset size, sponsor industry sector and investment strategy complexity. Her experience has also enabled her to be the trusted adviser to several clients with niche, illiquid investment strategies.

Significant experience:

  • investment consulting advice to UK pension schemes with combined assets of around £1 billion
  • advice in relation to setting long-term investment strategies, investment manager selection and monitoring, cashflow management, and portfolio rebalancing
  • setting and implementing trigger-based de-risking strategies enabling trustees to meet their long-term funding objectives
  • advice in connection with liability driven investment and other forms of asset/liability management