Investment Conference 2021

Redesigned to deliver you unique insights through a virtual platform, our Investment Conference will bring together independent investment-focused insights across four different but equally engaging streams - from practical ESG to readying your DB and DC pension schemes for the unpredictable year ahead.

Virtual roundtables: giving you food for thought

LGPS Digital Deli:
Food for thought

Join us at our next LGPS Digital Deli virtual meetup — an ideal opportunity to get the very latest LGPS insights so you can gain real food for thought. 

In these difficult times many of us continue to work apart. So it’s more important than ever to come together when we can. Our virtual Digital Deli meetups ensure that we can share experiences and learn from each other in a safe, supportive environment. 


Trustees' Digital Deli:
Where there's always a seat at the table

Now more than ever the pensions industry needs to care and share for the sake of companies, trustees and most importantly the members. 

Covering a range of issues, directly relevant to those working in pensions, these virtual group chats are a place to meet, discuss and exchange ideas in these challenging times. Why not pull up a seat and get talking.


Join us: let's get talking

HR Bites Exchange:
Our supportive LinkedIn community 

HR Bites Exchange will bring the HR community together to share, discuss and review their experiences, changes, challenges and responses to a fast moving and unpredictable crisis.

It will be an open, supportive and insightful group, where we can all provide and receive advice and support from peers in dealing with these new challenges we face.

let's get talking

Covid-19 support for (re)insurers:
a LinkedIn group to help find perspective

Join our group for insight on insurance-related Covid-19 matters and, for those with an appetite for sharing your own views, we encourage you to join the discussion.  

Sometimes sharing in a wider external community provides added perspective, insight and added value that you might not normally get from inside your business.