Our experts help insurers to adapt to an ever-changing world by providing independent advice and insights on a wide range of important topics around life insurance and general insurance.

This insurance knowledge hub offers all our latest research and commentary on issues surrounding actuarial, investment, longevity and risk management relevant to the insurance sector.

Our insurance services

Insurers want unbiased, clear advice from their consulting firm. Our team have the freedom to give objective advice, free from external shareholders, so our clients know our insights can be trusted.

We offer specialised actuarial services for both life insurers and non-life insurers, providing tailored risk management guidance for both sectors. This is on top of offering insurance-specific advice on areas such as investments, longevity and transactional services.


Technology-driven solutions


SIIMPLIFY enables you to calculate and report Solvency II SCR figures accurately in a user-friendly, robust and auditable manner.


Technology for insurers

BW offer technology-centric guidance and services to insurers. From enhancing data structures and storage, producing data analysis and visualisations to process improvement and transformation.

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How to get the most out of your insurance consultant

While utilisation of external consultants is rising, inherent weaknesses in the procurement process present obstacles to achieving better value for money.

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