Bulk annuity landscape | Alternative endgames | Optimising DB returns

Our annual defined benefit (DB) pensions conference is back for 2024. This year, we’ll be hosting at the spectacular London venue, Landing Forty Two.

It’s not a simple task to navigate the ever-changing landscape of DB pensions, so it’s crucial to be prepared and stay on top of the latest key developments. Our DB conference will provide you with all the insights you need, helping you to make more informed decisions, uncover opportunities, and successfully tackle current and future DB challenges. 

Our agenda


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Session one   |   9:40am - 10:30am

The shifting landscape of bulk annuities

We’ll explore recent activity in the bulk annuity market, our future predictions, and tried and tested methods on how you can best prepare for and implement a bulk annuity transaction. The key things you’ll gain from our session is how to stand out in a crowded market where demand for bulk annuities outstrips industry resources, and how to ensure you’re using scheme resources effectively when considering endgame options. Our insights will be illuminated by our success stories with clients such as Arcadia, Thomas Cook, P&O, Chubb, and Westminster Abbey. We’ll explore the challenges we encountered during these transactions and how we overcame them. 

Session two   |   Part one: 10:30am - 11.15am   |   Part two: 11:30am - 12:05pm

A risk transfer revolution: alternative endgames

Over the past few months we’ve shown that the bulk annuity insurance regime is no longer the only solution available to trustees and corporates. In this session, we’ll explore the evolution of the alternative risk transfer market, including new entrants and the main points of change in considering endgames. We’ll enlighten attendees on the role of alternative endgame solutions and provide insight into the different types of providers we’ve worked with at BW, including their different offerings. Our second part features a Q&A with Clara superfund, the first superfund transaction, as well as a case-study on assessing capital-backed solutions. 

Session three   |   12:05pm - 12:55pm

Optimising your DB pension returns

Striking the right balance when it comes to taking enough returns on your DB scheme is crucial to ensure all objectives can be met, whether this be targeting a short-medium term risk transfer goal or consciously running your scheme on into the future. In this session, we’ll review whether DB pension schemes are currently taking sufficient returns to reach their goals - or have they ‘de-returned’ too much, leading to missed growth opportunities and stunting their success? We’ll also explore how you can implement risk management and the right risk metrics into your organisation to achieve the best outcomes. To help shape this session and make it as relevant to your needs as possible, we're asking for your opinions and questions. Have your say by completing our survey. 

12:55pm - 1:00pm

Closing remarks


1:00pm - 2:00pm

Lunch and networking


Our experts

Ruth Thomas 

Partner and Head of Actuarial

Rod Goodyer

Partner and Head of Investment Consulting 

Paul Latimer

Partner and Head of Pension

When and where

Thursday 25 April 2024

9am - 2pm (including a networking lunch)

Stunning venue Landing Forty Two – London’s highest dedicated event space with incredible views of the river and major landmarks across the city.  



Regional events

We've added two roundtable events in Manchester and Glasgow as an alternative to our London conference. If you would prefer to attend one of these instead, please register soon as we have very limited spaces.

Tuesday 30 April 2024


Thursday 9 May 2024 


Our agenda

The full agenda will be confirmed shortly, but you can expect to hear from our experts on the following topics: 

  • the changing pensions landscape;

  • the risk transfer market;

  • alternative endgames and more.