Our streamlined investment consulting service provides cost-effective investment solutions for sub-£100 million defined benefit pension schemes.  

It is designed for trustees and sponsors who need high quality investment advice to achieve their funding goals while maintaining control of total advisory and asset management costs. 

The service offers a lower governance approach to managing your investments while providing the high level of service, expertise and security which you would expect from working with a leading UK advisory firm. 

Solutions for professional trustee firms to support their clients

Our streamlined investment consulting service can be particularly valuable to professional trustee firms by providing: 

  • Robust, cost-effective solutions that allow you to focus on your key role of making the right strategic decisions.  

  • The ability to implement modular solutions across multiple clients that meet your firm’s investment beliefs in a consistent and efficient way. 

  • A flexible approach to meet your firm’s specific needs for multi-client advisory services, including different cost models and the provision of consolidated management information. 

"The streamlined service has made investment decision making easier as the advice is succinct and clear. The subsequent implementation using the LGIM investment platform is quick and efficient and was a significant factor in the schemes successfully navigating the LDI crisis."
Bob Hymas Trustee Executive, BESTrustees Limited

Features and benefits

We provide direct advice on a bespoke solution to meet your immediate needs and a plan to move towards your end-game over time. You move to a robust solution quickly, taking up less of your time and reducing your advisory costs.

We simplify the process of choosing managers and funds by selecting from a high-quality panel of funds pre-approved by our research team.  

The panel provides significant flexibility to tailor your strategy to meet your specific investment beliefs, including in relation to ESG-related factors.  

We also use our scale to obtain significant discounts for you on asset management charges for the funds included on our panel – providing solutions at costs that can usually only be obtained by much larger schemes.

We use a single independent administration platform (provided by Legal & General Investment Management) to provide access to the funds used under our service. 

This makes the ongoing management of your investment strategy much less hassle, with simple switching of assets when you need to adjust your strategy, reduced legal documentation, and online investment reporting as and when you need it.  

Our implementation approach also helps you manage risk better, with an automated collateral waterfall able to meet calls to your LDI holdings from across your assets, and with no intervention required by the trustees.

Once your strategy is up and running you will continue to benefit from high-quality support, including regular strategy monitoring to help guide your scheme to a strong position, with online funding tracking provide via our Illuminate Monitor system as part of the service. 

The efficiencies provided through our Streamlined IC service: 

  • Frees our consultants to focus on giving you the advice to help you make the right strategic calls at the right time. 

  • Allows us to help you meet your statutory responsibilities in a straightforward way. 

  • Allows us to provide all of our support to you at a competitive cost. 

You would always have the comfort that, as a leading UK investment consulting firm, we have the resource and ability to ‘step up’ our advice should your needs become more complex. 

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