With a multi-generational nature and truly long-term investment horizon, family offices can take advantage of their unique position in the investment arena. They balance their investment objectives and risk appetite between a desire to grow their investment portfolio and a responsibility of capital preservation for the next generations. 

Generating a regular income or dividend for the family members is a key consideration for family offices. Therefore, the return objective will mostly be expressed as a certain percentage above inflation, as the capital needs to be at least preserved in real terms. 

Given their long term nature and less regulated environment, family offices have much more freedom in the way they invest, compared to other asset owners. They can accept to invest larger portions in illiquid assets, private markets and new types or niche asset classes in order to capture risk premia not always available to other investors. 

We assist boards, investment committees, Chief Investment Officers and in-house investment teams with a variety of services — from clarifying objectives and investment beliefs, to defining asset allocation and strategy and selecting the right managers and monitoring them.

By working in partnership with our clients, we deliver a clear, long-term, bespoke and integrated investment service that allows them to make decisions in an informed and timely manner.

Our dedicated team has a long track record in advising families and their investment offices with their investment arrangements in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

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