David Barnett FIA

Partner and Senior Investment Consultant

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David’s experience is in leading investment and capital allocation advice to institutional investors.

By helping clients define their goals, understand risks and considering creative solutions, David delivers long-term, sustainable outcomes by building individual relationships with key stakeholders.

Significant experience:

  • Risk transfer: including traditional bulk annuities – providing investment and strategic advice to the largest transaction of 2021 among others – as well as alternative risk transfer advice on capital-backed journey plans and longevity swaps (including one of the first longevity swap to buy-in novations).
  • Investment governance: supporting schemes reassess their governance arrangements, from a review of a multi-£bn banking scheme's investment decision-making and internal set up, through to assessing platform options for smaller schemes to bring scale.
  • Risk management: helping clients reshape their risk profile and budget through equity options strategies, diversification of risk sources by reviewing underlying return-drivers and exposure, and considering alternative liquidity frameworks (e.g. parent company loans or investment bank financing facilities over illiquid assets).
  • DB end-game: "re-returning" low risk investment strategies to add return without compromising risk and planning for run-on over the medium term, considering suitable risk buffers and surplus return triggers.
"I believe high-quality pension investing can truly make a difference to the lives of the members and asset owners we serve by delivering superior outcomes. I seek to bring enthusiasm for that mission to my role. I do not believe in dogmatic or unilateral decision making. My approach is collaborative, focusing on ensuring all stakeholders know what the key decisions are and why they are taken. Often a failure to understand, is because of a failure to communicate and I do not believe there is a ‘one-size fits all’ solution."
David Barnett


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