Scott Binnie


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Scott is a Principal and experienced Scheme Actuary. 

Well versed in the ins and outs of pension schemes. He has extensive experience providing advice to a range of pension schemes across a variety of sectors, advising on all aspects of running the schemes. Never being one for sitting on the fence, Scott’s clients have commented positively on his clear, pragmatic advice and guidance. 

Over his long career, Scott has gained significant experience of developing long-term funding targets, implementing innovative solutions and using balance sheet assets to deliver enhancing funding solutions by working closely with many trustee and corporate clients.

Scott’s main objective in his role is to provide advice to trustees and sponsors of pension schemes on all aspects of running the schemes. 

Significant experience:

  • Extensive experience in guiding clients through negotiations on pension scheme funding.
  • Supported a variety of clients through benefit change projects
  • Experience in liaising with the Pensions Regulator on complex funding challenges
  • Using balance sheet assets to deliver enhanced funding solutions
  • Assisting clients in transferring risk through the insurance market and securing favourable terms
  • Managing the overall relationship and delivery of services to a varied range of clients
  • Advising on issues arising from pension tax changes


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