As part of our real time decision analytics offering, Barnett Waddingham can use the BW Swarm Artificial Intelligence (AI) interactive platform to substantially amplify the knowledge and wisdom of your team. 

Using nature as its inspiration, this collective intelligence technology mimics the biological principle of swarm intelligence to allow groups of experts to collaborate and quickly converge on solutions that maximise their combined intelligence.

BW Swarm AI works by connecting teams of experts into a real time interactive platform moderated by AI algorithms and a Barnett Waddingham Decision Consultant. It is fast, flexible and accessible from any desktop or mobile device. Each participant plays an active part in the decision making process, where the platform enables the team to think together in synchrony and reach a group consensus. In this way it drives more accurate insights, faster.

Research shows that combining the knowledge of experts with Swarm AI consistently outperforms individual experts, traditional crowd-based methods such as polling, as well as deep-learning AI. It can help businesses and innovation teams to make optimised decisions, prioritisations, forecasts and assessments.

As part of our real time decision analytics service we provide consulting around the use of BW Swarm AI to optimise the questions, facilitate the sessions, analyse the responses and provide decision reports.

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