Our strategy for delivering advice to Higher Education (HE) institutions is centred on understanding.
  • We need to understand your aims and concerns in respect of your pension strategy.
  • You need to have a good understanding of the financial sustainability of the benefits promised (in particular any defined benefit (DB) schemes).
  • Your staff need to understand how the various pensions options they have interact, and engage with their benefits to get the most value from them.
  • We have an in depth understanding of the HE Sector.
Key to our approach is working in partnership with you, and ensuring we understand your requirements.
  • What does a successful pension strategy look like for you?
  • Who are the key stakeholders, and what are their needs and preferred ways of working?
  • What are the main worries about pensions, that you need to work to avoid?

We do not provide a ‘house’ approach, or off-the-shelf advice, but nor do we look to over-engineer our solutions.

We are 100% owned by our partners, and this means we can take an independent approach to our business, focussing on the needs of our clients, rather than trying to maximise profits in the short-term, leading to long-term, successful client relationships.


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