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Barnett Waddingham
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We believe defined contribution (DC) is a simple formula based on timeframe, how much is contributed together with the net investment performance, and how to shape and access the benefit for the best possible member outcome.

Barnett Waddingham Defined Contribution DC

This is overlaid on the workforce based on their age and has three key components:

  • growth (building the pot of money)
  • shaping (helping members make decisions as they get closer to retirement)
  • access (using the pot of money)

In order to achieve both corporate objectives and member empowerment our governance and engagement solution segments the workforce to specifically target these three areas and aligns appropriate investment design to these stages.

DC Consultancy services

Our client portfolio currently exists of 200+ DC schemes across Trust, Master Trust and Contract ranging in size.  

Our DC consultancy services are at the heart of our proposition but we look wider than this, allowing employers to offer a more holistic approach to employees for saving for later life.


The framework to deliver better member outcomes.

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Appropriate investment structures for good member outcomes.

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Successful engagement strategy to empower members.

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Helping to benchmark current arrangements for the future.

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Our governance, engagement and monitoring pension analytical tool.

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Objectively justifying where value is added in DC schemes.

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Other services include day-to-day operational support, scheme governance, investment, member engagement, and consultancy advice (on matters such as legislation and investment strategy).

Unique like you

We were joined by a renowned artist at this year's Workplace Pensions Live. Barbara Moura interpreted industry concerns and experiences contributed by individuals, to produce a mural illustrating the pensions landscape in 2016. You can see how the wall came to life in our short time lapse video below.

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