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Barnett Waddingham
0333 11 11 222
Our expert help for senior individuals on their pension arrangements, includes the need to deal with the ongoing implications of changes to pensions taxation and the issues and options that individuals should consider.

We work with our clients in developing their retirement strategies for their senior staff to ensure it is mutually advantageous to both the employer and their senior staff.

We also help senior individuals on their own pension arrangements. This includes the need to deal with the ongoing implications of changes to pensions taxation legislation.

We recognise the complexity surrounding the changes to Annual Allowance and Lifetime Allowance and regularly help clients in this planning, alongside general retirement planning issues.

Our professional service is tailored to our clients’ specific needs, fully independent and not geared to promotion of any product.

The members of the Executive Pensions team have many years experience of dealing with both private and public sector pension schemes.

Significant experience

Reviews of pension arrangements of senior staff at:

  • FTSE 350 companies as well as SMEs
  • Universities, Local Authorities, County Councils, State and Private Schools who may have benefits in one of the public sector schemes, e.g. the Teachers’ Pension Scheme, Local Government Pension Scheme, Universities Superannuation Scheme or the Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme.


"Bhargaw Buddhdev has been advising the senior management team of EPR for a few years. He has helped the Directors with their pension planning by explaining the details of the numerous and complex pension taxation issues in a way that they understand. In the last year, whilst I was planning my own retirement, he has supported me to make informed choices using his vast knowledge and experience of advising other senior individuals. I had both defined benefit and defined contribution pension arrangements and he guided me through the process of drawing benefits in a tax efficient manner. He was happy to provide his advice in detailed written reports which were clearly set out. He is very ably supported by his team (especially Nilesh Shah) which enables him to provide cost effective advice to his clients. I would definitely recommend Bhargaw and his firm to anyone looking for professional pensions advice."
Martin Potter - Director

“Bhargaw provided a bespoke pensions seminar for our Executive Team and without doubt it proved to be one of the most useful interactive sessions the team had benefitted from for a long time. Bhargaw’s calm personality, his focussed approach and his comprehensive knowledge and understanding of pensions, investments and taxation proved to be beneficial from both a business perspective and from the individual viewpoint. If you want the complex world of pensions and pension taxation to be made significantly easier to understand, speak to Bhargaw”
Mike Gatrell
South Essex Homes

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    Our Executive Pensions team has considerable experience in advising senior ALMO staff on their pension benefits. This briefing note covers substantial changes that have recently taken place in the pensions legislation directly affecting such high-earners.

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    There have been substantial recent changes in pensions legislation affecting high-earners. As a result, senior university staff may now face tax charges on their ongoing pension savings.

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    NHS staff are now facing tax charges on their ongoing pension savings. Barnett Waddingham provides a bespoke and specialised service designed to meet the pension requirements for NHS employees.

  • Feb 23 2016
    Webinar - Pension Tax Changes from April 2016

    High earners face large additional tax bills on the build-up of their pension after 6 April 2016. How have employers responded to these changes and what should they be thinking about post April 2016?

    Location: Webinar

  • Long service and implications on annual allowance

    We were asked to advise a leading University in relation to its senior staff. Particular issues arose with one senior staff member with long service and he had exceeded the Annual Allowance (AA) (£50,000) in each of the last 3 tax years.

  • Enhanced Protection

    We were asked to advise a Managing Director of a leading global company who was expected to lose Enhanced Protection because of on-going benefit accrual. The pension issues were complex and required an urgent decision.

  • Lifetime allowance charges

    We were appointed by an executive who faced the prospect of a lifetime allowance (LTA) charge because her benefits at normal retirement date would exceed the LTA.

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