Our expert help for senior individuals on their executive pension arrangements includes the need to deal with the ongoing implications of changes to pensions taxation and the issues and options that individuals should consider.

We recognise the complexity surrounding the Annual Allowance (AA) and Lifetime Allowance (LTA) and regularly help clients in this planning, alongside other issues such as income withdrawal, phased retirement and general retirement planning issues. 

As well as advising individuals directly on their executive pension plans, we work with many corporates in developing their retirement strategies to ensure that they provide a mutual advantage to the employer and the executives alike. Much of this advice tends to focus on providing guidance on opt-outs and compensation levels.

Our professional advice is tailored to your specific needs, fully independent and not geared to promotion of any product.

Specialist executive pensions advice

We have up-to-date briefing notes available for:

These documents are designed to help those concerned about the adverse impact of pensions taxation involving the Tapered Annual Allowance (AA) and Lifetime Allowance (LTA), which see many facing tax charges on their ongoing pension savings.

Significant experience

We are experts in providing:

  • reviews of pension arrangements of senior staff at various organisations, including Banks, Insurers, Universities, Local Authorities, County Councils and Private Schools
  • guidance on setting up unfunded and unapproved pension arrangements

Any regulated investment advice will be provided by a consultant who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

"Barnett Waddingham has been advising the senior management team of EPR for a few years. They have helped the Directors with their pension planning by explaining the details of the numerous and complex pension taxation issues in a way that they understand. In the last year, whilst I was planning my own retirement, they have supported me to make informed choices using their vast knowledge and experience of advising other senior individuals. I had both defined benefit and defined contribution pension arrangements and they guided me through the process of drawing benefits in a tax efficient manner. They were happy to provide advice in detailed written reports which were clearly set out. The team is able to provide cost effective advice. I would definitely recommend Barnett Waddingham to anyone looking for professional pensions advice."

Martin Potter - Director, EPR