The Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) and fiduciary management market has grown considerably over recent years and has brought with it new challenges for investors to address.

Barnett Waddingham's award-winning Fiduciary Evaluation team has the expertise to help you navigate these challenges with clarity and confidence.

OCIO and fiduciary manager oversight

Regardless of your investment governance model, we believe there is significant value in investors receiving independent expert advice. This may come in the form of strategic advice or ongoing challenge and oversight, or a combination of the two.

"The service we deliver draws from our expertise as one of the UK’s leading independent investment consultancies. Investment performance analytics is a key part of what we do, but it is our long track record in advising on strategy and trustee decision-making which enables us to critically evaluate a client’s existing or potential fiduciary management arrangements. Trustees and sponsors can ensure that their pension scheme’s investments are being implemented in the most effective and cost-effective way."
Peter Daniels Partner and Head of Outsourced Investment Services

Our services have been designed to bring the independent and impartial oversight required to give trustees confidence in their OCIO fiduciary management arrangements.

Where we give trustees and sponsors confidence

  • Training and education – we help trustees and sponsors understand the different investment governance framework approaches, as well as the different types of OCIO and fiduciary models, and help work out what is right for them.
  • OCIO fiduciary manager selection – we help trustees and sponsors consider the full range of different OCIO and fiduciary management models and short list providers which will best meet our clients’ needs.
  • Setting the mandate – we help restore impartiality back to the setting of the OCIO or fiduciary manager’s mandate by ensuring that appropriate performance benchmarks and investment guidelines are in place.
  • Performance monitoring – we help trustees and sponsors judge whether their OCIO or fiduciary manager is adding value as well as providing a platform for positive challenge, again helping to restore impartiality.

Our service to each client is bespoke to their specific requirements. We believe this is essential since the expertise and needs of different investors vary considerably.


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