Barnett Waddingham, through its wholly owned business DrumRoll, is here to help you with your scheme member and employee communication challenges. Starting from strategy right through to implementation, our team of experts will help deliver the best solution to inspire employees to make the right choices with their pension and benefits.


Effective employee communication

Any effective internal communication strategy must be engaging, consistent and results driven.  In order to deliver this, we work with human resources and communication teams to identify different employee groups and identify the optimum communication tools and methods by tailoring communication strategies that help employees with all aspects of their benefits, focusing on pensions, health and wealth in the workplace.  

We want to reach and engage employees with the right internal comms so that they make active choices and decisions around their own savings and later life plans, whilst appreciating the impact of each of these on their goals and the benefits that their employer also offers. It is all about improving the employee experience further so they realise what they have when they retire after many years of service.

Effective communication needs to target the agreed key messages, to the right pension scheme members, at the right time. This can be helped by our online pension analytical tool (GEM) by segmenting the workforce into agreed cohorts.

Our approach to employee communications

As employee engagement consultants, we believe in a staged approach to delivering your employee communication strategy that we call ACDC (Analysis, Consultancy, Delivery, Check).

Analysis and Consultancy

In order to help our clients understand their pension membership and highlight areas for attention, we undertake both an analytical (through GEM) and empathic (through member surveys) approach. Our consultants apply their expertise to uncovering the most valuable insight from this data, pinpointing areas to take action.


We recognise that the message may have to be delivered in different ways, through differing communication tools, and to be tailored to every audience. We do this via online (through our member engagement portal, 4me), supporting materials (newsletters, member booklets) and face to face.


We produce a terms of reference document and also an annual business communication plan to gauge success against the benchmarks set.


The world of 4me – our enhanced and multi-faceted digital engagement portal with a difference – gives users the freedom to learn, play and plan around retirement.

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Our creative agency

We recognise that every client is unique and our aim is to influence the right employee behaviour to meet each company’s goals. Our creative agency, DrumRoll, changes the way employers communicate and engage with their workforce. Using techniques more familiar in the retail ‘buy’ world, alongside our established analytical and consultancy services, DrumRoll helps companies build a successful approach to workforce engagement.


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