To help organisations report accurately and to alleviate the resource pressure on HR, Finance and Executive Teams at a time when there are other pressing priorities, our gender pay gap consultancy offers a comprehensive pay gap tool.

Our actuarial expertise guarantees accurate and time-efficient reporting. All you need to do is provide your data and we will categorise your employees, producing results that save you time, costs and resource.

We go further than many other market solutions, providing deeper insight into where the pay gap is occurring within your workforce. This additional knowledge can help you communicate your narrative with greater clarity and explanation, ensure your action planning is focused, and make it more likely your objectives are successful.

Our gender pay gap consultancy can also provide an analysis on how your pay gap is directly impacting the wellbeing of your employees, and therefore on overall productivity.

Data is your organisational DNA

Data analytics

Need more insight into the drivers of your pay gap?


Are your pay gap communications promoting your brand?

Action planning

Still not closing your pay gap?

Decoding your DNA gives you the insights that will allow your business to evolve and thrive.

Data analytics

Combining the advanced data analysis of our pay gap tool with employee insight provides a deeper level of understanding of your pay gap – enabling enhanced narrative to support your brand and more focused, efficient and effective action planning.

Pay gap tool

Our pay gap tool will enable you to move through your own pay gap story.

All you need to do is upload your data –
we do the rest.

Unlike DIY spreadsheets or software, we will assess whether each employee is “full pay relevant” or “relevant” so you don’t need to understand all the finer points of legislation (2021 will be more complicated because of furlough). Your calculations will then be conducted accordingly.

Are you reporting on your gender pay gap accurately and efficiently?

Research by our gender pay gap consultancy team found that 76% of organisations were conducting their gender pay gap reporting analysis internally with 54% completing this manually, often using spreadsheets.

No wonder then that the Royal Statistical Society has identified numerous reporting errors, with some estimates being that 15% of all reported pay gap figures are inaccurate. This could have significant consequences for employers.

Whilst our pay gap tool will rely on the data you provide, we can identify outliers and the calculation methods for mean, median and quartiles has been established by actuaries following Government legislation. You can therefore be confident your pay gap reporting will be correct and avoid fines.

Using our tool will also ensure your pay gap reports are compiled efficiently, saving your business time and effort each year.

Comparing your own pay gap reporting figures against the previous year may reveal a trend. Is your action planning proving effective in closing the gender pay gap?

Meanwhile, understanding how you compare against your competitors is important for talent management and to ensure competitiveness for clients, your supply chain and potential investors.

Our tool will provide pay gap benchmarking against competitors of your choosing with easy-to-understand chart comparisons. Our gender pay gap consultancy service will then help to analyse and propose straightforward actions based on the results. 

Without knowing where your pay gaps exists within your workforce, it is difficult to effectively address it.

Our pay gap tool delivers the intersectionality you need, across factors including:

  • Gender
  • Salary
  • Age
  • Location
  • Full-time v reduced hours
  • Ethnicity
  • Tenure
  • Job grade
  • Bespoke

Our gender pay gap consultancy comments throughout our reporting tool are designed to aid discussion and insight.

Various factors can skew the results and your pay gap may look very different if you exclude or include certain data.

Whilst there is clear guidance on how to calculate your mandatory reporting figures, there is great value in understanding what is causing your pay gap. This can aid your narrative and action planning.

Our pay gap tool can plot all employees' average hourly pay on an S-curve. This enables easy identification of  any outliers who may be skewing the data.

You can exclude any individual and the tool re-runs your pay gap figures based on this exclusion with a comparison to your mandatory reporting. You can then clearly identify the impact this is making and prepare your narrative accordingly.

Employee listening projects

Overlaying employee insight with your data analytics will really strengthen your insight into underlying causes and enable you to focus any interventions effectively.

Employee surveys are a traditional approach and provide good measurable data. You can also effectively combine this will a wellbeing survey to measure the impact of any pay gap or combine it with other workplace surveys you already have planned. However in the current environment of survey fatigue there are other options which can offer a fresh approach and provide compelling content:

We are specialists in employee surveys, including our award winning BWell wellbeing survey.


When you hold up the mirror, what do you see – and what do other’s see?

Your organisation’s publicly available gender pay gap reporting offers potential talent, clients, supply chain, investors, competitors and other interested parties a unique view into your organisations culture and values and your organisation will be judged on what they see.  For employees too, there shouldn’t be a “perception gap” between your organisation’s report and the living reality.

When 64%* of those involved in gender pay reporting, say mandatory reporting produces meaningless results, having external stakeholders interpret these without any context, or understanding of the whole story, leaves your organisation open to being judged unfairly. Our deep analysis tool can provide insights that will enable you to construct your narrative and tell the full story, factually, with an explanation instead of an apology.

Our gender pay gap consultancy team can work with your internal communication teams, or we can craft your narrative for you using our in-house creative agency, DrumRoll. This will position your organisation as credible and transparent in a refreshing way - and prevent the public from jumping to conclusions.

*Barnett Waddingham gender pay gap market research, January 2020

Action planning

It’s important to know what to target in order to deliver a measurable reduction in your pay gap.

Without this, organisations can only implement generic actions, which often waste resource and deliver little impact. The data analysis conducted by our pay gap tool will identify exactly where the gap falls, so your interventions tackle the real underlying issues.

Know where the pay gap falls

Older workers, those working reduced hours, or in higher salary bands?

Listen to your employees

Find out what blockers to progression employees are experiencing

Re-model outcomes

Re-model the impact of your proposed interventions on your pay gap

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