Organisational governance is a framework of practices and processes which govern a company and help steer it towards achieving its overall purpose.

Effective governance is the foundation of a robust, resilient, and well-run organisation as it establishes the standard for the company’s behaviour, both internally and externally.

Our knowledge and expertise in corporate governance is built on a wealth of experience acquired across a range of different organisations and sectors. Through our detailed insights we can help your organisation mitigate risks, make more informed decisions and we can implement tailored, practical solutions which will lead to greater success and long-term value for all your stakeholders.

We believe an organisation should act upon the following principles when it comes to organisational governance – these values are weaved into all that we do when working with clients:

  • Fairness: The board of directors must treat shareholders, employees, vendors and communities fairly.
  • Transparency: The board should provide timely, accurate, and clear information about a company’s financial performance, conflicts of interest and risks, etc., to shareholders and other stakeholders.
  • Risk management: The board and management team must and identify and assess all types of risk. They must act on recommendations of how to mitigate them, and provide transparency to all relevant parties about the existence and status of risks.
  • Responsibility: The board is responsible for the oversight of all corporate matters and management activities. It must be aware of and support the successful, ongoing performance of the company at all times - part of this responsibility is recruiting a chief executive officer (CEO) whom must act in the best interests of the organisation and its investors.
  • Accountability: The board must be transparent about the purpose of a company's activities and the results of its conduct. Alongside leadership it is accountable for assessing the company's capacity, potential, and performance. It must communicate issues of importance to shareholders.

Our experts can provide a wide range of comprehensive services around Governance and Secretariat services, including:

  • Company formation services;
  • Ongoing compliance services;
  • Board support and Annual General Meeting advisory services;
  • Governance health tracking and reviews;
  • Board and committee effectiveness reviews;
  • General governance advice;
  • AI-based solutions;
  • Environmental, social, governance (ESG) and sustainability guidance;
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) guidance; and
  • Policy drafting and reviews, including business continuity and cyber security.

Routine board and committee management

  • Agenda
  • Minutes
  • Actions arising

Governance and compliance

  • Annual calendar planning
  • Policies
  • Statutory filings
  • Bookkeeping




  • Reviews, valuations and training
  • Director inductions and training

Financial controls and internal processes

  • Risk management
  • Internal control framework

Project management


  • Annual report
  • AGM process
  • Filing
  • RNS 

IT/AI solutions


  • Board and meeting management tool powered by AI
  • Secure file exchange
  • Effective System of Governance (ESG) health check

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