Our data-led approach to employee wellbeing services ensures our consultants understand your challenges, trends and hotspots when it comes to wellbeing at work.

People who enjoy their job are far more productive and engaged than those who don’t. Engaged employees will contribute more and help organisations flourish. 

With long hours and the general stresses of life mounting up, employee physical, financial and mental health at work has never been more under the spotlight within organisations. Encouraging employees in the right behaviours, such as speaking up, taking a proactive approach to their wellbeing and supporting one another is vital to organisations. 

As employee wellbeing consultants, we work in partnership with you to implement a proactive and preventative wellbeing and benefits offering, containing various initiatives which delivers true value, maximises your return on spend and optimises the health and wellbeing of your valued employees. Together we’ll help promote a positive workplace culture championing employee health and wellbeing and ensuring you have a working environment that is optimum for employees and employers alike.

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Employment lifecycle 

Financial Security

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Mental health awareness / strategy
Health checks / screening  
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Line manager training
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Building a structured, and well-rounded employee wellbeing policy which incorporates proactive management and intervention of each of the six pillars of employee wellbeing will help you achieve the following:

  • Increased employee engagement 
  • Increased productivity 
  • Increased net promoter scores  
  • Lower sickness absence 
  • Lower presenteeism 
  • Better control over your People Risks such as attraction and retention 
  • Management of reduction in Insurance premiums  

Our employee wellbeing research

Our bi-annual UK PLC employee wellbeing surveys continually refine the thinking and theories behind our employee wellbeing consultancy offerings, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve on employee wellbeing trends. Our insight, experience and research shows what has worked well in practice, together with our research library, enable us as wellbeing consultants to provide creative and pragmatic solutions. 

We support our recommendations by applying a thorough and independent due diligence process of any third-party products or providers, so you can be sure you are implementing strong and stable solutions.



of employers say that although their workplace wellbeing strategy is working well, it is not achieving its full potential.



of organisations with a wellbeing at work strategy in place are using HR metrics such as absence data, employee opinion surveys etc. More concerning is the 36% who have these metrics but don’t use them.



of respondents admitted that financial concerns often cause them anxiety, stress or depression.



of the employees who are 'detractors' of their organisation say that health and wellbeing in the workplace has improved in the past year, compared to 81% of 'promoters'.

* All stats are from our annual research unless indicated otherwise.

Our employee wellbeing tools

We have developed employee wellbeing tools which enhance the support we are able to offer you, helping us identify your hotspots in order to build and enhance your overall offering.

BWell is our innovative approach to employee wellbeing analytics which aims to assess overall employee wellbeing and happiness. Our tool offers an in-depth analysis of your workforce to help you make informed decisions on implementing a tailored wellbeing at work strategy – benefiting both employers and employees. 
We provide all clients with an interactive dashboard report allowing you to assess trends, hotspots and recurring issues within your organisation. These insights can then be addressed as part of an informed employee wellbeing strategy, with the ultimate goal of improving overall employee wellbeing. In turn this should increase the performance of your organisation resulting in a tangible return on investment. Our workplace consultants would oversee the delivery of proactive employee wellbeing policy interventions and measure the impact and effectiveness of these on your workforce.

More about BWell

BWell Financially is our ground-breaking financial wellbeing consultancy offering. 
Using people analytics, we assess the financial wellbeing needs of your workforce and determine a financial wellbeing score out of 10 for the organisation, which we segment across the three core timeframes of Today, Tomorrow and One Day.  
We combine employee insight and sentiment from an employee survey, with the analysis of organisational metrics e.g. absence data and then benchmark this. By doing so we can help you build a strategy that is relevant and inclusive and helps you to prioritise spend and interventions and identify quick wins.  
Your strategy and financial wellbeing initiatives would be reviewed periodically for suitability and effectiveness and to report on return on investment. 

A core factor in financial wellbeing is earnings. A gender pay gap therefore significantly impacts women’s financial wellbeing and employee wellbeing in general. A stark example of this is that the Scottish Widows’ Women and Retirement Report 2019 report highlighted that the average pension for women is just 1/5th of the average for men.  
Our gender pay gap analysis and consultancy services, not only deliver the mandatory calculations needed for legislative reporting but goes beyond this with more in-depth employee listening projects, to uncover underlying issues. By understanding these we can provide bespoke solutions to support individuals to fully utilise their skill sets, be heard, raise their productivity and earnings. We also create internal communications to engage the workforce on this issue and external gender pay gap narratives to enhance branding and talent acquisition.

How effective is your employee mental health strategy? Our self-assessment tool can assess how well you are supporting employees' mental health in the workplace and identify the areas which need building on. This will assess your strategy against the framework and core standards as laid out by Government guidance.

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