Charities can have very different investment needs to other investors, particularly in terms of the certainty, size and nature of their future income and expenditure.

While charities may have restrictions, either legally or self-imposed, on where or how they can invest, they generally have more freedom in investment terms than other institutions and so may explore a wider variety of asset classes. It is therefore important to set your charity’s investment strategy taking into account your own circumstances and avoiding a one-size-fits-all solution.

Our approach advocates that all three of the following areas are reviewed in setting a charity's investment strategy:

  • matching asset allocation to distribution strategy
  • investment management styles and benchmarks
  • finding managers who can implement a strategy which is appropriate to the charity's risk criteria

We can assist charities with some or all of these three stages. Although trustees often believe that manager appointments are key to investment success, in practice we find that the first two stages are far more important.

We tailor our services to each charity we advise.

Services may include some or all of the following:

  • advice on governance issues (e.g. ethical policy, voting rights and so on)
  • preparation of a Statement of Investment Principles
  • consideration of alternative asset classes
  • setting benchmarks for investment performance measurement
  • fee negotiation with investment managers (whether existing or new)
  • ongoing performance measurement and analysis of investment manager reports, or attending trustee meetings

Our investment team has over 90 professionals overseeing more than 450 clients with over £70 billion in assets collectively. As an independent organisation, we are ideally positioned to support charities when it comes to understanding and meeting their specific investment objectives through a collaborative, free thinking approach.

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