Barnett Waddingham appoints four new partners

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    Nick Salter


  • As a growing firm, with a team of over 1,000; our people are the backbone of Barnett Waddingham and we are proud to announce four new partner promotions and 25 new associates this year.
    "Each of the partners and associates have demonstrated their commitment to the continued growth of Barnett Waddingham and our approach to do the right thing - ensuring the best possible service for our clients. As we continue to grow as a business, it is important that we focus on helping our diverse client base solve and manage the complex challenges facing them both today and in the future. Our people make this possible and I have no doubt these promotions will contribute to our success. "
    Nick Salter, Senior Partner

    The new partners are:

    Adam Poulson advises a range of UK businesses on DB pension issues including risk reduction exercises, scheme funding, pension benefit design and accounting disclosures. He has developed particular expertise advising companies on reducing risk and cost in their defined benefit schemes and has helped many companies achieve their goals. Adam’s extensive experience and pragmatic approach have resulted in him becoming a trusted adviser to UK and overseas companies who want clear pensions advice.

    Barbara Fewkes provides actuarial and consultancy advice to a wide range of UK pension schemes and employers. She regularly advises trustees in relation to current issues, scheme governance and funding matters, including assisting in negotiations with employers. Barbara also has significant experience of helping trustees through the winding-up process, including those winding up outside of the PPF. She provides clear, personalised, no-nonsense advice.

    Jon Palin advises a range of clients on longevity. In particular, he works closely with the Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI) and is responsible for the production of its industry-standard Mortality Projections Model and the new S3 series mortality tables. Jon also advises pension schemes and insurers, including projects on cause of death and stochastic models, and is recognised for his clear explanation of technical issues.

    Liam Mayne advises companies on a wide range of pension issues, primarily related to their legacy DB pension plans. He has experience of advising companies of all sizes on M&A activity, risk reduction, scheme funding negotiations, benefit design changes and accounting disclosures. Most recently, Liam has also helped to develop new relationships with independent financial advisers in the context of DB schemes providing more choice to their members at retirement He has also managed the relationship with a top bulk annuity insurer to provide actuarial services. In all cases, Liam combines a professional and personable manner with a sharp technical mind to deliver top quality advice.

    The following 25 employees have been promoted to associate:

    Amit Lad, Insurance Consulting

    Christophor Ward, Investment Consulting 

    Joe Hodgskiss, Investment Consulting

    Sarah Lochlund, Investment Consulting

    Sophia Heathcoat, Investment Consulting

    Becky Jaques, Pensions Administration

    Fatim Najafi, Pensions Administration

    Helen Southwell, Pensions Administration

    Jon Bowden, Pensions Administration

    Sara Ryan, Pensions Administration

    Claire Barnes, Pensions Administration

    Simon Maxwell, Pensions Administration

    Steve Ellul, Pensions Administration

    Jonathan Close, Pensions Administration

    Tim Scholes, Pensions Administration

    Nick Walker, Pensions Administration

    Ross Anderson, Public Sector Consulting

    Gordon Banks, Private Clients

    Andy Smith, Actuarial Consulting

    Claire Mills, Actuarial Consulting

    Elizabeth Wise, Actuarial Consulting

    Katie Huxley-Duggan, Actuarial Consulting

    Neil Crawshaw, Actuarial Consulting

    Lucy Blanchard, Workplace Health and Wealth

    Steven Johnston, Workplace Health and Wealth