Jon Palin FIA

Partner and Senior Longevity Consultant

Jon advises a range of clients on longevity, including base mortality assumptions and variations between different populations, and mortality projections, including stochastic models.

Jon works closely with the Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI). He is responsible for the production of the industry-standard CMI Mortality Projections Model and “S3” series pensioner mortality tables, and provides technical guidance to other CMI committees.

Jon also works with insurers and pension schemes, including projects on cause of death and stochastic models, and is recognised for his clear explanation of technical issues.

Significant experience

  • reviewing the CMI Mortality Projections Model and developing the improvements implemented in CMI_2016
  • developing mortality tables for Kazakhstan and providing training to local stakeholders
  • helping an insurer to develop its stochastic longevity model for Solvency II
  • research on “spurious cohort” problems in existing stochastic longevity models
  • formerly a volunteer member of the CMI SAPS and Mortality Projections Committees, and chair of the CMI’s Graduation and Modelling Working Party


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