Sarah Lochlund FIA

Principal and Senior Investment Consultant

My main role is to act as the lead investment consultant and client account manager for Trustees of Defined Benefit pension schemes. 

Working with clients to design investment strategies that are consistent with their individual investment beliefs and objectives.  Sarah has substantial liability side experience having started her career in the actuarial practice before joining Barnett Waddingham.

Sarah works closely with trustees of UK defined benefit pension schemes with assets ranging between £25m and £325m.


Significant experience:

  • providing defined benefit pension schemes with advice on strategic asset allocation and implementation.
  • advising trustees on long-term investment planning, including de-risking options such as funding-based triggers.
  • carrying out research on possible investment strategies
  • drafting the quarterly Investment Insights, one of the Firm’s flagship investment publications.

Other expertise:

As well as acting as the client account manager and lead consultant on a number of clients, Sarah sits on the Strategy Research Team and plays a key role in both carrying out and organising the Firm’s investment research.  As a result, she is familiar with a wide range of investment options and is experienced in analysing and constructing the most appropriate growth and protection strategies for clients.


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