Gaurav Gupta CFA

Senior Manager Research Analyst

Gaurav works within the strategy research, market outlook and manger research team, where he conducts solution driven, asset class research.

His research includes identifying attractive markets, finding investment solutions, monitoring existing exposure, and considering how different strategies can be used within client portfolios. In addition, as part of his role within the market outlook team, Gaurav keeps the team updated with economic and market news, and helps form Barnett Waddingham’s long-term return assumptions on various asset classes.

Gaurav works within the centralised research team supporting the investment consultants, meaning his research gets used across the firm’s clients, and he gets involved with different clients on a project by project basis.

He is experienced in a wide variety of investment-related matters, including forming economic market views, asset allocation, manager research and selection.

Significant experience:

  • In depth knowledge of various asset classes to help trustees understand how different parts of their portfolio may perform during the market cycle.
  • Investment manager research across a range of asset classes to better help trustees select funds that are likely to achieve their performance objective and offer good value for money.
  • Designing cashflow driven investment solutions for schemes that can afford to de-risk and need to have cash from the portfolio to pay liabilities.


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