Our services for wellbeing cover three distinct areas
  • BWell – wellbeing solution which includes a detailed workforce analysis, wellbeing strategy build and ongoing governance
  • Core service – consultancy, administration and procurement of all health, protection and wellbeing products and insurances
  • Me2 – engagement portal that connects the wellbeing strategy with the end user; the employee

Our six pillars of wellbeing

My job

Financial security



work/life balance


Once the areas of concern are identified through BWell we then turn to building a wellbeing strategy that combats these risks.

Analysis and governance

Following successful completion of the analysis and build phase we conduct annual governance reviews to ensure the strategy remains fit for purpose, provide management information on return on investment and further analysis to determine whether the wellbeing risks within the institution have changed.


Following a strategy build we also offer full policy consultancy, administration and procurement to take the burden of policy management away from our Higher Education (HE) clients.  We provide this service on all policies ranging from life assurance and private medical cover to dental, travel and health screenings.

Employee engagement

Finally we also provide an employee-focussed solution called Me2 which is an employee engagement portal allowing the employee to interact with the wellbeing strategy and the products that sit within it. The portal is intuitive and provides individual guidance on areas of concern and is focussed around our six pillars of wellbeing.

Services for higher education institutions


DC consulting

Pensions tax