Many of our clients tell us they are data rich but information poor. We can quickly provide you with new insights into your operations and business environment. This allows you to make better informed decisions and mobilise teams to take action that will materially impact your organisation's performance.

Our unique approach to business decision analysis combines the skills of actuaries with data scientists and business consultants. Actuaries are trained to work with real data as found in most organisations; diverse, incomplete, ambiguous, dirty, large, or small. They are taught how to make sense of data in an uncertain world; they are practical about uncertainty and focused on the business decisions that will change outcomes for the company.

We team actuaries with experts in decision science who understand your business and both its operational and commercial opportunities. This team can then translate that understanding into focused data analysis that quickly delivers towards your business objectives.

"Our clients tell us that they value our actuaries' practical skills in working with very different types and sources of internal and external data in order to make sense, understand causes, model impact, and deliver recommendations on the business opportunities. This is not blue-sky artificial intelligence; this is pragmatic, outcomes-focused human intelligence from people who have trained for years to do just this."

Allan Engelhardt

Head of Management Decision Analytics

Every company is unique and faces its own challenges, but themes we hear repeatedly when conducting managerial decision analysis include:

  • Data lives in silos, and there is no or limited capability for bringing it together tactically to immediately support the business. Priority on resource is often given to strategic efforts to consolidate data; other times the organisation just doesn’t have the right resources to apply now.
  • Making sense of diverse, incomplete and ambiguous data is hard and a skill in short supply. Many of the business decisions that our clients are struggling with are those that cross functional boundaries and therefore straddle systems and processes and require this wider sense-making.
  • Translating data into business outcomes is critical for success but is not a recognised discipline in the organisation. The people who ensure the right insights are provided to deliver change are rare and very often have ‘day jobs’ that put other demands on their time.

Our approach addresses these challenges directly. It is proportionate and pragmatic to deliver the support you need right now, to make better operational decisions without large-scale investment or an agenda for changing your strategic IT and BI landscape or technologies. It is based on our core assets: people, values, and experience with data and technology.

We have over 1,400 people and handle large volumes of sensitive data via our pensions business. We have the infrastructure to support you in integrating, analysing, and visualising your data within a few weeks and we understand compliance and risk to do so securely.

We have worked with a wide variety of businesses through our decision analysis services and the projects we have undertaken – from improving data communication to sustainability analysis – have been diverse, despite each posing its own unique set of challenges. All have quickly and cost-effectively delivered meaningful insights from which tangible actions have been taken without large infrastructure builds or costs.

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