Ethnicity pay gap reporting guidance – a debrief and checklist for employers.

This new guidance, which was published by the UK Government on 17 April 2023, provides direction for employers on how to measure, report on and address any ethnicity pay differences within their workforce. 

Our briefing note covers:

  • Is ethnicity pay gap reporting mandatory?
  • Should you report on your ethnicity pay gap?
  • The difference between ethnicity pay gap reporting and gender pay gap reporting
  • A closer look at each of the requirements
  • Our pay gap consulting and analytics approach at BW, and how we can help you get the best results


"With the help of our expert team, your action planning will be more impactful, better prioritised and more cost efficient."
Melissa Blissett Senior Consultant - Pay Gap Analytics, Barnett Waddingham

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Where should you start with ethnicity pay gap reporting? Download our debrief and checklist. 

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