BWell is our truly innovative approach to wellbeing analytics which aims to assess overall employee wellbeing and happiness within the workplace. Our tool offers an in-depth analysis of your workforce to help you make informed decisions on implementing a tailored wellbeing strategy – benefiting both employers and employees.

Our interactive dashboard report provides clear and concise employee wellbeing analysis which enables you to assess trends, hotspots and recurring issues within your organisation. These insights can then be addressed as part an informed wellbeing strategy with the ultimate goal of improving the overall wellbeing of your employees – ultimately increasing the performance of your organisation with a tangible return on investment.


A snapshot of the overall wellbeing of your workforce


Independent but tailored approach to your wellbeing strategy


Via a platform, specialist third party provider or in-house teams


Ensuring that the wellbeing strategy remains fit for purpose

Bringing together wellbeing innovation and expertise

Alongside our dashboard reporting, we draw on our significant expertise and experience to guide you through each step of the ACDC (analyse, consult, deliver and check) process. Our insights will enable us to conduct a full assessment of your organisations HR data across the full employment lifecycle – providing you with clear insight into the level of organisational and employment health and performance. Working alongside our experts, you’ll quickly be able to see the strengths and weaknesses in your current employment model and by reviewing absences, claims and management information, we will be able to provide a five-year forecast through predictive analytics.

Sounds great, but how do I see the results?

The results are presented both within a report and through an interactive online dashboard – allowing you to delve deep into the results. Our findings are catergorised across various groupings such as salary band, function and geographical location. This allows you to identify areas of best practice but also take a targeted approach to your implementation strategy for maximum results.

BWell Financially

BWell Financially offers bespoke financial wellbeing strategies that improve employee financial wellbeing and productivity. Using our ACDC (analyse, consult, deliver and check) approach to understand the needs of an organisation and its workforce, we deliver a wellbeing strategy that is truly bespoke and results-oriented.

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