We believe all employers have unique health, protection and wellbeing risks when it comes to their employees. Our group risk policy solutions are designed to be tailored to target those specific risks, whatever they may be.

Working together to create and deliver a holistic group risk policy serves to financially protect your workforce, but also inspires better workplace wellbeing, stronger employee retention and a more attractive prospect to potential candidates amid an increasingly competitive market.

Taking the smart approach to group risk policy

As a BW client, you can benefit from our solid foundation of administration expertise, accessible employee analytics tools, independent provider research, and a dedicated consultancy tailored to support your organisation's objectives.


Our group risk consultancy is based around our philosophy of tailoring benefits in order to achieve a return on investment.


Our procurement solutions centre around our re-broking and provider selection capabilities. Regular due-diligence on the market ensures our panel of insurers remain fit for purpose.


We believe in setting out processes in advance with service level agreements that match the importance of the task and the needs of our clients.

What makes a good group risk policy?

By developing tailored group risk benefits to suit the specific needs of an organisation, improvements can made to the bottom line. Studies have shown that happier employees result in increased levels of workplace productivity. It's about getting the balance right between the needs of employers and employees.

Professional group risk consultancy should always be part of the planning when establishing or reassessing any group risk benefits strategy. This ensures the provision of comprehensive coverage, use of additional support services linked with the group risk policy, and the full realisation of market opportunities.

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