Barnett Waddingham operates an international joint venture with Milliman and Lurse to provide our clients with co-ordinated, independent advice on their global pension arrangements. Operating under the name MBWL International, the joint venture has full access to the combined global expertise of all three organisations.

Our international joint venture is complemented by other key affiliations through EURACS and NORACS where Barnett Waddingham has been the UK representative for over 20 years. EURACS and NORACS have recently joined together under a new worldwide brand GLOBACS.


MBWL International

MBWL International ensures you receive seamless consistent advice across your group with a single point of accountability. MBWL International has access to all the systems, expertise and experience of the Milliman, Lurse and Barnett Waddingham groups, represented by over 5,000 people across the globe.


European Actuarial & Consulting Services (EURACS)

EURACS offers services to clients through a network of over 1,000 qualified actuaries, consultants and other business professionals.

Recently, Barnett Waddingham's Colin Mayger was appointed as Chairman for the EURACS network.


North American Actuarial & Consulting Services (NORACS)

NORACS is a network of consulting firms offering actuarial, employee benefit and compensation services. The clients of NORACS firms receive the personal attention and service provided by regionally-based firms.


Global Actuarial & Consulting Services (GLOBACS)

As one of the most extensive consulting networks of its kind in the world, GLOBACS joins long-established networks, EURACS and NORACS, together with APACS (Asia Pacific Actuarial & Consulting Services), under one umbrella.