As an independent business, we are free to think creatively and deliver the tailored services that go beyond our clients’ expectations.

As you will see from our latest surveys, our approach is delighting our clients.

We are committed to continuously driving improvement of our services and we do this by actively seeking feedback. We welcome any opportunity to listen to our clients so that we can shape our services to meet their needs.

These include

Working with Investor in Customers to gain an independent and comprehensive assessment of the client experience we offer to clients for trustee services and self-invested pensions.

Client reviews being carried out by an independent, senior Partner to gain feedback about our performance and quality of service.

At the end of projects, we seek feedback to understand how well we met the client’s needs and where we might be able to improve for future engagement.

Scheme member feedback is sought particularly at time of retirement, but they are free to complete the member survey at any time through online access.

Barnett Waddingham participates in an independent assessment of its services to trustee clients every two years and was awarded its fourth consecutive Gold accreditation in 2023.



The comprehensive assessment uses feedback from clients, staff, management and Investor in Customers' independent assessment to evaluate the client experience Barnett Waddingham offers to its trustee service clients.

Participating organisations have the possibility to be awarded bronze, silver or gold awards if they reach the demanding criteria. Barnett Waddingham’s consultancy and administration services have consistently achieved a Gold accreditation on every assessment since 2017, demonstrating outstanding client experience.  

Clients and staff also share views on whether they would recommend BW to others and why, how we can improve our services and what we already do well.

Principle scores

The Investor in Customers survey focuses on four key principles of client experience. Clients and staff respond to questions grouped in themes for each principle, providing scores out of 10.  


Understand customer needs


Delight customers


Meeting customer needs


Engender loyalty

About Investor in Customers

Investor in Customers (IIC) is one of the UK’s leading independent authorities in assessing, improving and accrediting Customer Experience. 

The organisation has been operating since 2006 and surveyed over four million people and assessed over 300 businesses. 

The Investor in Customers assessment provides businesses with an important measure of customer experience that enables them to stay competitive, identify areas of improvement, and drive growth and profitability. 

Achieving the Gold accreditation is no mean feat, so for Barnett Waddingham to gain this top award for a fourth successive time really is truly remarkable. 

It demonstrates that Barnett Waddingham is consistently focussed on the needs of its clients, and the detailed scores reflect an organisation which highly values both its clients and staff.

Tony Barritt - Managing Director | IIC

To receive the highest possible award for a fourth consecutive year is a fantastic achievement. This award recognises the strong client-focused culture we have throughout our business and demonstrates our commitment to supporting our clients as a trusted partner who can be relied upon to deliver first-class, tailored solutions.

A large number of clients and staff took the time to complete this survey which means we can be confident that the results are a true reflection of how we are seen both internally and externally. 

We achieved gold scores in every assessment area. The comments from clients who took part speak for themselves, with some of the most frequently used descriptions about BW being ‘professional’, ‘knowledgeable’ and ‘reliable’. 

As ever, providing excellent client services is not a destination but a continuing journey. This accolade tells us we are on the right path and we will continue with our efforts to be the best for our clients.

Andrew Vaughan, Senior Partner | Barnett Waddingham

2022 IIC Silver award for Self-Invested Pensions service

Credible, third-party assessments and ratings provide a mine of information to help us understand how we are doing and how we can improve. Thanks to this feedback we also successfully retained our Investor in Customers Silver Award in 2022 for our Self-Invested Pensions services.

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