Our international consulting services are provided by MBWL International, a joint venture between Barnett Waddingham, Milliman, Lurse and Normandin Beaudry.

MBWL International is ideally placed to co-ordinate the global employee benefits programme for companies with headquarters in the UK or global companies with UK operations. We do this by building on the full range of pension and benefit services Milliman provides globally, Barnett Waddingham provides in the UK, Lurse provides in Germany, and Normandin Beaudry provides in Canada.

The establishment of MBWL International as a joint venture ensures you receive seamless consistent advice across your group with a single point of accountability dealing with the corporate HQ. MBWL International has access to all the systems, expertise and experience that sit within the Milliman, Barnett Waddingham, Lurse and Normandin Beaudry groups that represent over 5,000 people across the globe. With its experience and global presence, MBWL International is ideally suited to advise supranational organisations on their pension issues.

International Consulting

For more information, please click the link to visit the MBWL International website.

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Our global services

Local delivery is achieved through Milliman's global presence with physical offices in over 25 countries. We have supplemented this with other key affiliations to ensure we can provide you with global coverage including:

  • Merger and acquisition support
  • Accounting consolidation
  • Defined benefit (DB) funding
  • Investment strategy
  • Strategic benefit design
  • International and expatriate benefits


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To find out how our global consulting services can specifically help you and your organisation, contact Isabel Coles.

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