Would you like to know how effective your mental health support and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) really are? Or perhaps you need help getting started with your employee mental health strategy?

You can use our self-assessment tool to assess how effective you are at supporting employee’s mental health in the workplace and identify the areas which need building on. This will assess your strategy against the framework and the core standards documented in the Government commissioned Thriving at Work review of 2017.

The Government's vison is for all employees in all types of employment to have “good” work, which contributes positively to their mental health, the society and our economy.

Employee mental health statistics you should know

Close to


thousand people lose their jobs each year because of long term mental health problems.

Research has found


is the average cost of replacing an employee.



of employees have experienced poor mental health where work was a contributing factor in the last year.

"Many employers are already creating healthy, inclusive workplaces, but more needs to be done so that employers provide the support needed for employees with mental health conditions."
Prime Minister Theresa May 2017

Our expert consultancy and market knowledge can guide you through the frameworks and documents you'll want to establish, provide due diligence on product providers and help with wider workplace support services. We can also work with you to develop a set of measures to allow you to assess and report on the improvement of employee mental health throughout your organisation.

Implementing and measuring longer term goals will enable you to track the impact on employee wellbeing, whilst outlining the roadmap to help achieve better mental health outcomes for everyone. We have undergone extensive due diligence on a range of suitable employee wellbeing providers, saving you time and effort and removing the need for you to research tirelessly for the right support.

Whether you have already started on your employee mental health journey, have only gone as far as promoting an awareness day, or are not sure where to begin, we have experienced consultants ready to help you every step of the way.

Contact our team today for more information on assessing mental health in your organisation.