Designed for business, with employees at its heart

The needs of your employees are constantly evolving. Are you keeping pace? 

Your employees are a diverse group of people. So it’s important to offer the benefits that really matter to them, as individuals.

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4me is our digital platform that helps employees engage with the range of benefits available. It’s flexible and adaptable, to suit the specific needs of your employees and those of your business.

The result? A happier, healthier and more engaged workforce. How much could that improve the productivity and bottom line of your business?

Making life easier for you

Your time is precious. That’s why 4me makes it easy to interact with and support your people. So you can make a real difference to your employees’ lives and your business quickly and securely – tailored to your particular needs. 

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Easy data access

We know how important your employee data is. So we look after it as if it was our own. We’re completely transparent in all our transactions and you have access to the same data we do.  

  • Powerful, ready-made reporting at your fingertips
  • Customisable reporting available using a dashboard 
  • Predictive analytics; e.g. for wider workforce planning
  • Central access to benefit policy information/documents
  • Quick, easy search facility to view any employee data
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The right fit

Our pre-built solutions can be dropped easily into 4me. We can also work with your existing benefits and providers for a more tailored experience. You could even mix and match the two.

  • In depth research and preferred provider options 
  • Avoids the hassle of your own due diligence project
  • We follow a “best employee outcome” approach 
  • Maximises the value for your employees and you
  • Strong focus on ESG and working with sustainable suppliers 
  • 4me can also be branded with your own identity

Seamless experience

You’ll be able to log into one place to access everything and your employees will get a seamless user journey with real time information. This only happens when you are truly connected. 

  • Single sign-on to explore the different parts of 4me
  • Ongoing improvements, such as integrated underwriting
  • Data automation between teams, systems and providers
  • An end to manually sending forms, reports and communications
  • Happens in a secure way, based on your specific rules

Making life better for your employees

Your employees want to make their own choices that will help improve their lives, based on their personal priorities and values. And they want to do this when it suits them best. That’s the beauty of 4me, which comes with a whole range of options to choose from, using any device and with 24/7 access.

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Flexible benefits

Our Learn, Play, and Plan approach helps people to understand how you support them, both now and in the future. So they can then use 4me to make choices that are right for them. 

  • No need to wait for annual renewal to make changes
  • Use 4me to make your scheme as flexible as you like
  • We can administer and communicate your scheme  
  • AI tool is available to help employees make selections
  • Personalised take-home pay wizard to track real cost
  • Real time integrated Total Reward Statement

Employee discounts

Help your people save money on every day shopping and on bigger ticket items. This can part of wider financial wellbeing support, or as the first step to offering wider benefits through 4me. 

  • Wide range of saving opportunities for employees
  • Includes discounts, cashback, gift cards and e-vouchers
  • Lots of retailers to choose from, both online and offline
  • Also, a mobile buying app available for buying on the go

Pensions planning tools

As part of our Learn, Play and Plan approach, 4me provides relevant information and interactive tools to help employees understand how they can achieve their retirement aspirations. 

  • See the impact of paying in more or retiring earlier
  • Or phasing in that “downtime” to retirement
  • Interactive modelling tools to explore different options
  • Plus relevant, engaging information; e.g. videos, case studies
  • Can see all pensions in one place, including from past jobs
  • Section to help understand what DB transfer involves

Reward and recognition

Use 4me to say “thank you” to an employee for something else that deserves praise. Show your people how valued they are, whilst reinforcing your company’s values and culture.   

  • Choice of monetary and non-monetary rewards
  • Flexibility to set the narrative and company values
  • Selected managers can be appointed to offer rewards
  • Dashboard provides insights to monitor rewards  

Employee engagement

Your people are individuals – with different needs, wants and lifestyles. With more relevant information at their fingertips, employees are more likely to be engaged and take action. 

  • Employees are communicated with as customers
  • So messages are engaging, interactive and relevant
  • A “Teach and Involve” rather than a “Tell” approach
  • Supported by Drumroll, our in house engagement specialist

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