The upstream oil and gas industry has heavy requirements for capital and operating expenditure, and faces unique and complex problems associated with natural uncertainty, unpredictable commodity prices, and the associated operational and financial risks.

The present environment of low commodity prices, rising exploration costs, and constrained access to capital has increased the need for in-depth, accurate and complete analysis of uncertainty, risks and valuation. Many investors and providers of capital have recognised that accurate assessment of the quality of assets, especially hydrocarbon reserves, is inherently difficult, but of key importance.

We bring a variety of actuarial and risk management skills to bear on the problems faced alike by the upstream oil and gas industry, and those who provide finance. Working where needed in tandem with industry professionals such as geoscientists, reservoir engineers and facilities engineers, we can provide in depth analyses for the industry at project, portfolio or company level.

For investors and financiers, we can provide an actuarial and financial perspective to support your valuation and due diligence process, for example reviewing the effectiveness of a company’s risk management strategy. We can give a professional opinion on the statistical assessment of the quality of valuations, assets, production forecasts and field development proposals. We can also support assessment of insurable risks such as supply chain interruption, country risks or natural hazard, integrating this with review of non-insurable or hedgeable risks to provide a holistic risk assessment.

The growing need for oil and gas consultancy services

As the global population grows, energy demands grow with it. However, the upstream oil and gas industry is facing the challenge of achieving net zero emissions by 2050. While this is happening, it’s important that oil and gas companies focus on their industry, while independent companies can focus on their actuarial and risk management challenges.

The new business environment has also presented opportunities of which oil and gas companies can to take advantage. With our actuarial and risk management expertise, we can support your organisation by identifying these opportunities and helping you take appropriate actions to lead to long-term success.

Our main areas of oil and gas expertise


We can accurately validate technical estimates and valuations at asset, portfolio and corporate level in compliant reports for internal and public use.


We use our expertise in actuarial science to simplify complex decision-making, ensuring risk and uncertainty are modelled in-depth so that the right decision can be made.


We work with geoscientists, reservoir engineers and facilities engineers to provide comprehensive analyses at project, portfolio and company level.


Technical asset risk is a huge concern which is why you need reliable information. We can use our financial perspective to provide an accurate in-depth statistical review.


As your actuary, we can understand, manage and evaluate the risks associated with the uncertainties and natural variations of the Oil and Gas industry. 

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