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Barnett Waddingham
0333 11 11 222
Statistical and financial modelling are core skills for the actuarial profession. Working where needed in tandem with industry professionals such as geoscientists, reservoir engineers and facilities engineers, we can provide in-depth analyses for the industry at project, portfolio or company level.

For investors and financiers, we can provide an actuarial and financial perspective to support your valuation and due diligence process, for example reviewing the effectiveness of a company’s risk management strategy.

We can give a professional opinion on the statistical assessment of the quality of valuations, assets, production forecasts and field development proposals. We can also support assessment of insurable risks such as supply chain interruption, political risks or natural hazard, integrating this with review of non-insurable or hedgeable risks to provide a holistic risk assessment.

Our Oil and Gas consultancy team can:

  • assist with any aspect of your modelling development, validation and quality control requirements
  • integrate modelling with every aspect of risk analysis and decision analysis, to support a consistent approach across projects and stages
  • integrate modelling with your internal and external reporting, including PRMS and local regulatory compliance
  • assist you to assess the quality and value of potential acquisitions or farm-ins
  • we have specific skills in Stochastic, Econometric and Catastrophe modelling as well as Options and Insurance pricing

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