By integrating our high quality analysis of uncertainty and risk, decision analysis, stochastic and financial modelling, we can more accurately validate technical estimates and valuations at asset, portfolio and corporate level, providing reports for both internal and public use, compliant with PRMS or local standards as required.

We can also provide:

  • valuation input to contract negotiation
  • assessment of the impact of risk factors, or changes in strategy, on key financial performance indicators
  • for internal use, assess investment decision criteria such as NPV or IRR, taking account of realistic, multiple inflation or discount rates, not just WACC
  • assistance to review the impact of factors such as the effect of fiscal regime and commodity price assumptions on economic lifetime or asset valuation, different methods of financing: Internal, Equity, Streaming, or Debt, simplified assumptions, proxy modelling or experimental design techniques underlying a Production Forecast, history matching: validation of a forecast, use of appropriate analogues to estimate 'static' parameters such as porosity and decline curve assumptions
  • a review of valuations for prospective farm-in or joint venture opportunities

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