Will your business survive to thrive?

The changing economic landscape is placing significant pressure on businesses, compounded by the ongoing cost-of-living crisis. It is therefore crucial that organisations identify, and adapt to, any emerging threats or opportunities to succeed.

Watch this video from our Employer DNA series. 

Our Employer DNA broadcast examines the current business environment and the impact of what’s been termed the "cost-of-doing-business crisis.” 

Hear from our expert panellists, Sara Tomley from the CBI and Julia Turney, Keith Smith and Jane Ralph from Barnett Waddingham, as they discuss how organisations can boost their resilience and spend smarter, in order to shape their future success. You'll gain insights from a range of different perspectives, including HR, risk and pensions. 

This is the first broadcast in our new Employer DNA series. Employer DNA is a term we use to understand what makes an organisation unique, by turning data into insights that will help businesses make more informed decisions and maximise competitive advantage. 

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