Our unique approach makes it easy for you to support your corporate objectives by making benefits more sustainable. Helping you to make a difference; meeting your employees’ needs now, without compromising future generations.
We find ourselves at a pivotal moment. Now is the time to act. Even if you have already started your sustainability journey, there’s so much more you can do with your benefits.

What are sustainable benefits?

A majority of Brits want sustainability prioritised in economic recovery and many need to feel that their employer takes sustainability seriously. With as much as a quarter of a company’s value being attributed to its reputation, it’s important to act now.

If you are already looking at sustainability from corporate objectives perspective, that’s great! Sustainable benefits will complement this by involving your people in your sustainability journey and empowering them to make a difference.

Sustainability is more than just protecting our planet. So when making your benefits more sustainable, don’t just focus on green initiatives, think of improving wellbeing, reducing inequalities and helping your community. Our unique approach to sustainable benefits can help you do so much more…

4me offers a unique approach to sustainable benefits

Sustainable incentives

We’ve integrated sustainable incentives, including tree planting, coral reef planting and ocean plastic recovery into our 4me user journey. You can chose to offer employees incentives matched to your corporate sustainability strategy – they choose a benefit and you plant 50 trees or remove 5kg of ocean plastic on their behalf. The aggregated value is then be tracked by you and your employees via an impactful dashboard.

Sustainable providers

Auditing the environmental credentials of suppliers is an essential step for any businesses hoping to be more sustainable. At BW, we help you to hold providers to account by integrating sustainability scoring into our robust benefit provider review process.

Sustainable choices

We’ve worked with providers to bring innovative sustainable benefit options to our clients. Here’s just a few of our favourites:

  • Electric cars – offering electric or low emission car leasing via salary sacrifice can help reduce the carbon footprint of your workforce whilst delivering notable employer NI savings!
  • Easy volunteering – it’s estimated that around 9m volunteering days are wasted every year. Our volunteering module can help you link employees to volunteering opportunities to suit them.
  • Carbon offsetting – make it easy for your employees to offset their carbon footprint through monthly payroll deductions. Engage employees with prize draws, sustainable challenges, and app based tracking.

Sustainable recognition

Instead of giving your employees a small monetary reward as recognition for a job well done, how about giving them the option of an impactful charity pot to allocate to one of hundreds of global vetted projects? Instead of a £50 reward funding a family take-away, that cost could help to fund a child’s education in a developing country.

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