Sustainable, long-term strategies


Sustainable, long-term strategies

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Investment Conference 2022: our three virtual streams

Our virtual Investment Conference addressed the importance of sustainability, environmental and ethical concerns across all aspects of institutional investing with an emphasis on longer term strategic planning. Over three online streams in January and February 2022, we set the scene for the year ahead with a group of leading experts and guests debating current and significant issues. Our speakers delivered lively discussions covering economics and market outlook, climate change and sustainable investing, megatrends, as well as opportunities for Q&A sessions.

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10am – 11:15am, Thursday 27 January

Economics and market outlook

During this first stream, our panel of economic and investment industry experts described the key issues over the next 12 months and considered what is likely to excite or concern investors. We discussed the potential economic challenges ahead and what the impact of these will be for you.

The importance of climate change cannot be understated when it comes to investments. We debated whether this is a factor which will cause inflation or, perhaps, deflation. And we looked at investing from a sustainability perspective and whether this is likely to lower or increase your returns?

Attendee feedback:

  • "Highly recommended, good balance of market insights and pension scheme member positioning perspectives"
  • "Reassuring to get some detailed expert analysis and insight at a time when there is so much anxiety and uncertainty about impact of world events on investments relating to pension funds"



Expert panel

10am – 11:15am, Tuesday 1 February


This stream saw us take a look at the bigger picture and the megatrends which have a seismic influence on the world of investments. Investors who are focused on the long term need to understand the major influences which will impact on the world so they are ready to capitalise on emerging opportunities. 

We looked at megatrends in the areas of agriculture, renewable energy infrastructure and healthcare. And we considered further the impact of climate change on the investment landscape of the future.

Attendee feedback:

  • "A definite must-attend, amongst a wide choice of other options this is a key one"
  • "Very engaging, high energy and interesting presenters/topics"

Expert panel

10am – 11:15am, Thursday 3 February

Climate risk

As part of the new climate risk reporting requirements (TCFD) and an increased focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations, investors are increasingly being asked to give their views on how they incorporate related risks and opportunities into their decision-making and monitoring. But to do that they need a clear understanding of what they’re trying to achieve with their investments – are they trying to reduce the risk of their investments specifically or do they have a wider societal or environmental goal too?

Our expert panel discussed the risks and opportunities of climate change and ESG investing so you can be clear on what risk you’re trying to mitigate and what opportunity you’re trying to capture, as well as the ways that you can align your actions with your beliefs.

Attendee feedback:

  • "This session is a 'must watch on climate risk'....number of key points very well made"  
  • "Very enlightening! Good content and examples on how climate change is changing our world"

Expert panel

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