Chris Pritchard FIA

Principal and Senior Investment Consultant

Chris’s responsibility extends to working collaboratively with the investment strategy research team, to provide clients factual advice from a strategic perspective. The research of technical aspects is something Chris enjoys from setting and implementing an investment strategy to asset class specific research with wider considerations around hedging risks at strategy level.

He works closely with trustees on their pension scheme’s investment strategy and advises on the risks and how to best mitigate them.

Chris works on both defined benefit and defined contribution pension schemes ranging in size from £30m to over £1bn.

Chris is a member of the investment consulting's strategy research team – contributing to research on factor investing and DGFs. He has also helped lead research on Alternative Risk Premia and is in charge of the development of investment consulting’s main asset and liability analysis tool.

Significant experience:

  • providing defined benefit pension schemes with advice on strategic asset allocation and implementation
  • monitoring the ongoing appropriateness of investment strategies from a strategic perspective and considering long-term investment planning
  • designing, monitoring and reviewing liability driven investment strategies
  • designing bespoke asset strategies to target buy-in transactions


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