Chris Pritchard FIA

Principal and Co-Head of Insurance Investment

Chris is Co-Head of Insurance Investment services, providing specialist advice to insurance companies. He also works closely with a wider range of clients (from £30m to over £1bn) on investment strategy and advises on the risks and how to best mitigate them.

He enjoys advising on highly technical matters, breaking down complex problems to give clients clear and direct advice.

Chris is head of the investment consulting's strategy research team. He works closely with other members of the team to provide clients with the most up to date investment strategy and asset class ideas. He has particular expertise in setting long term investment strategies, as well as niche asset classes such as alternative risk premia and insurance-linked securities.

Significant experience:

  • Lead advisor for a number of clients providing advice on strategic asset allocation and implementation.
  • Monitoring the ongoing appropriateness of investment strategies from a strategic perspective and considering long-term investment planning.
  • Designing bespoke asset strategies to target insurance transactions.
  • Head of the investment team's strategy research team.


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