Sustainable investment and
climate change

Changes in climate policies and public perception, along with technological advances, are already causing impacts on investors and business. Where trustees and directors fail to consider or act on climate change, they are ignoring a risk. In the meantime investment and business opportunities will be missed.

As governments progress with implementing reporting like TCFD (climate disclosures), areas like pension administration will also need to understand and look to reduce their impact. This is where evaluation criteria, such as ESG investing, is becoming increasingly important.

Our approach to ESG

We provide comprehensive advice on the regulatory ESG framework and design practical, client-focused solutions to help our clients reflect their beliefs on ESG considerations and beyond. 

Our ESG investing expertise is supported by a working group whose expertise draws on the depth of knowledge from across the firm to provide insightful and innovative research, training and support.

Because we’re free from external stakeholders, we’re able to do the right thing for our clients at all times — working in partnership to develop an approach that truly meet their specific needs. We call this approach “free thinking.”

While we provide advice on the regulatory ESG framework and client-focused solutions, we can also be on hand to support you, whenever you need us. To learn more about ESG investing and how you can approach your investment meetings with confidence, contact our team today.


Pensions for Purpose

We are proud to be an industry partner of Pensions for Purpose, an initiative focussed on positive impact investing in the pensions industry.

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