Colin Mayger FIA


Colin has held a Scheme Actuary certificate since 1996 and is currently appointed to that role by six schemes, ranging in size from £20 million to over £500 million.

His experience covers a wide range of types and sizes of scheme including defined benefit schemes which include a defined contribution section within the same trust, as well as stand-alone defined contribution schemes (both trust-based and contract-based). He has also taken a number of his former Scheme Actuary clients through the process of securing benefits and winding up.

In the past he has also acted as a pensions adviser to sponsoring employers and also to trustees of insured pension arrangements. He has also been an investment adviser to trustees of smaller pension schemes.

Colin has a degree in Earth Sciences and heads Barnett Waddingham’s Actuarial Consulting Sustainability Group, which is aiming to fully incorporate climate risk awareness into our advice across areas such as Integrated Risk Management and Journey Planning. He particularly enjoys delivering trustee training on Climate Risk.


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