Reaching your sustainability goals through data insights

Sustainability is such an important core part of organisation’s responsibility, and not just for mandatory or regulatory reasons.  

When it comes to improving sustainability, most people want to play their part in doing right by the planet, but they aren’t always sure where to start. For organisations, understanding the scope of their footprint on the global ecosystem can be hard to define, particularly when it comes to measuring carbon emissions.  

Data analytics plays a crucial role in this context. Your organisation possesses a wealth of data. When analysed effectively, it can reveal previously undiscovered insights regarding your environmental impact. Armed with this information, you can develop a practical plan that will lead to tangible positive changes.

Our Sustainability Navigator tool is specifically designed to identify and understand the environmental impact from your organisation’s carbon emission. Our customers use the insights generated by the tool to inform strategic decisions at the outset of their sustainability journey. Additionally, they use its clear data visualisations to track progress and measure achievements along the way.

One of the UK’s largest independent boarding schools developed their Sustainability Plan using the clear insights and intuitive visuals from our Sustainability Navigator tool. Join Allan Engelhardt, Head of Management Decision Analytics, and carbon emission expert Halima Abiola to hear this story. 

"Allan and the team at Barnett Waddingham have provided the school with the analysis and tools we needed to understand and develop our sustainability journey . . . This provides critical information to help the school take the actions needed and measure the impact of those actions, in order to define and achieve its sustainability objectives."
Lesley Brookes Bursar, Bromsgrove School

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