See how we worked with AGS Airports to provide a range of sustainable and wellbeing employee benefit choices, aligned with the company's objectives and values.

Focusing on the future

AGS operates Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports and is the UK’s second largest airport group, carrying up to 15 million passengers each year. Following the collapse of Flybe and the reduction in passenger numbers during the Covid-19 pandemic, AGS Airports is now focused on the future and on sustainable regrowth. Its purpose is “to make national and international connections that benefit our regions, helping people to prosper."

Employee benefits makeover

Following a full market tender exercise, AGS partnered with Barnett Waddingham to carry out a strategic benefits and wellbeing review to revitalise and relaunch their employee benefits. It was an exciting opportunity to make a real difference to AGS and its people, helping align their benefits to the group’s wider strategy. This included strong sustainability objectives aligned with AGS Airport’s push towards reducing carbon emissions.

As part of our strategic review, we engaged with key stakeholders across the group who identified flexibility and sustainability as the most important project objectives. We used our award-winning wellbeing analytics tool, BWell, to assess the workforce against our six pillars of wellbeing, helping to identify key wellbeing focus areas.

Sustainability and wellbeing

We introduced a range of new benefits which fitted well with AGS’s sustainability and wellbeing goals, including the reduction in the carbon impact of employee commutes.

Green cars Sustainability An anytime electric and Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV) car scheme, enabling employees to lease a green car whilst benefiting from tax and National Insurance (NI) incentives.
Green bikes Sustainability Relaunched as an anytime benefit with a new provider and an increased limit. Actively promoted the purchase of electric bikes for commuting.
Carbon offsetting Sustainability An innovative carbon offsetting benefit. For a monthly contribution starting at just £4 employees can plant trees and offset carbon. To encourage participation, employees are entered into a prize draw and invited to join sustainable challenges.
Healthcare benefit Health and wellbeing A new employer funded healthcare benefit was introduced for all employees to support the workforce’s health and wellbeing needs. Our wellbeing analytics created the business case for redirecting spend to this new benefit.
Earned wage access Financial wellbeing Alongside a financial education campaign, we introduced a new earned wage access benefit to address financial wellbeing needs, allowing those with short-term financial needs to get access to wages already earned.
"​I just want to thank you for all your hard work and sage advice that has led to successful delivery of the AGS Benefits Project. From scheme audits, selection of providers, design of benefit offerings, implementation, and ultimately configuration and delivery of the platform, you have all played a significant part in the project success and have been absolutely fantastic to work with. A truly heartfelt huge thank you for everything."
HR Manager, AGS Airports

AGS went further by using part of their employer NI savings to reward employees for making sustainable choices, so helping bring their employees with them on their sustainability journey. Employees have up to 250 trees planted for every benefit chosen that has a positive impact on the environment. For example, they can select a bike through the Cycle2Work scheme and get 100 trees planted on their behalf. Or they can select an electric car through the Green Car Leasing Scheme and get 250 trees planted.

Importantly, employees can track their tree planting impact over time with regular updates from our charity and NGO partners via a personalised dashboard. AGS can then see the total impact of these pledges across the entire workforce through its own dashboard.

We can help

Our approach to understanding the happiness and wellbeing of a workforce involves unlocking an organisation’s DNA – getting under its skin, uncovering what makes it unique. We use people analytics to help inform decision-making and strategy, in order to create value while investing sustainably for the future.  

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