Execution of the Sears-Clara superfund deal

In this third in our series of videos, you will discover details about the execution of the first ever superfund deal in the final few months running up to its closing.

Head of Investment Consulting, Rod Goodyer explains what the key risks were that BW was managing on behalf of the Sears members and how we worked with the Clara team and its advisers.

We explain the similarities and differences between the superfund deal and a bulk purchase annuity transaction.

And Dan Adams, Chief Commercial Officer at Clara-Pensions, talks through Clara’s approach to an asset transition as well as the kind of assets they are, and aren’t, willing to consider.

Overview of the first ever superfund deal

Watch our conversation about BW’s key role in the UK's first DB pensions superfund deal and what it means for the wider industry.

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Building an investment strategy towards a superfund deal

In the second video about the first superfund deal, we consider the investment strategy of the Sears scheme over recent years.

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