DC pensions in 2021: investment insights

Published by Sonia Kataora, Reena Tanna, Esther Hawley on

Our experts

  • Sonia Kataora

    Sonia Kataora

    Partner and Head of DC Investment

  • Reena Tanna

    Reena Tanna

    Principal and Senior Investment Consultant

  • Esther Hawley

    Esther Hawley

    Principal, Senior Investment Consultant

  • Barnett Waddingham’s defined contribution (DC) consulting team presented their latest research in the DC space at the Investment Conference 2021.

    Reena Tanna, Senior Investment Consultant, discussed the importance of monitoring members’ projected retirement incomes against targets and looked at the PLSA retirement living standards as a potential starting point in thinking about those targets. She also considered how representative member portfolios have fared over 2020 and what reasonable decisions these members might take to realise their respective retirement targets.

    Partner and Head of DC Investment Sonia Kataora explored the extent to which inflation-based return objectives for DC accumulation strategies should be recalibrated in light of sustained falls in real yields and how additionally incorporating risk targets within investment strategy design can help improve certainty of outcomes for members. She also looked at how external influences such as consolidation of schemes and climate change could impact the future path of DC investment strategies.

    Our third panellist, Senior Investment Consultant Esther Hawley, examined what is currently available for DC schemes providing post retirement options for their members - and what else might be needed. She explored some expected future developments as well as sharing her views on how better retirement options could be delivered.


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