Investment issues are increasingly important to insurer profitability and risk management. We provide a market-leading range of insurance-specific advice on investment issues and can also provide investment governance support to insurers through our outsourced investment function offering. 

What is an investment service?

An investment service is a term used to cover the help you get from professionals who offer support when it comes to investing your money. There are three main types of investment services, investment advice, portfolio management, and execution-only services. There are also many other investment services available, such as financial planning, retirement planning, and tax planning. 

Our services

  • Providing an outsourced Chief Investment Officer Service.
  • Solvency II Compliance Analysis.
  • Asset allocation advice including advice on illiquid assets.
  • Asset-liability matching and derivative strategy exercises.
  • Risk appetite and risk limits advice.
  • Manager selection and benchmarking.
  • Asset modelling (including assumptions).
  • Reporting and management information advice.

Solvency II

Investment issues are increasingly important to insurer profitability and risk management. Yields are low and returns on different asset classes are volatile. Solvency II introduced the Prudent Person Principle and requires firms to identify, measure, monitor, manage, control and report their investment risks.  

This requires all firms to have access to investment expertise to challenge asset managers and to have appropriate governance and reporting frameworks in place. 

We have insurance-specific investment experts as well as being able to leverage the wider experience of our Investment Consulting Team

In addition, our SCR calculation tool, SIIMPLIFY, can be used by Chief Investment Officers and Asset Managers to quickly assess the SCR of a particular fund or change in strategy. 

What do investment consultants do for insurers?  

Investment consultants can help insurers decide where is best to invest their funds, as part of their asset allocation strategy and portfolio creation process will have them aiming for optimal returns while managing risk. Our consultants create personalised investment strategies, research suitable investment options, and even recommend fund managers. 

Who we help

Clients range from small to medium insurance firms looking for a full range of expert advice and support to the largest insurance firms who are typically looking for independent expert input and review. 

Professional guidance should always be taken when an insurer is establishing or reassessing their investment strategy. 

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