Insurance data analytics visualisation, simplified

Engaging, easily produced visuals. That’s what senior risk professionals, modellers, and underwriters have told us is important when presenting model outputs and results to them. We know first-hand how crucial visualisation is for stochastic modelling. 

Visualisations can lead to more effective communication because you can:

  • introduce more complex ideas to a wider audience;
  • pack more relevant information into a single image;
  • make processing easier than with just raw data;
  • provide information which is easier to remember; and
  • create much more interesting ways of studying any subject.

Benefits of using ANNalytica

ANNalytica reduces the time and effort required to turn complex stochastic data into visually engaging outputs.

Developed specifically for the insurance market, ANNalytica is an integrated platform that automates many of the processes involved in analysing the output of stochastic models.

It can dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on data processing, basic data checks, validations/calibration, review and the creation of visual reports. This enables your teams to focus instead on gaining a deeper understanding of the results and allow more effective communication when presenting insights to a wider audience.

By concentrating on the ‘why’ rather than just the ‘what’, risk professionals can engage more effectively with senior management and raise their profile within an organisation.

Simplify complex information for your stakeholders

Communication of complex and highly technical information in the insurance sector remains a challenge that visualisation can help overcome.

Data tables can be used to summarise a lot of information but often miss the full picture and fail to highlight important points. ANNalytica takes just seconds to create high quality, visually engaging outputs. This frees up more time to assess why things behave the way they do.

It’s a powerful tool for effectively communicating often complex messages to groups of stakeholders with different levels of technical knowledge.

ANNalytica works with all popular capital modelling software and is capable of producing a wide range of visuals and chart types from its ever-growing library. This makes it easy to communicate lots of data in an engaging and easy to digest format in a way which suits the information being presented.

To see some examples, read our briefing note on data visualisation.

Read the briefing note

What’s new in ANNalytica?

We have added new functionality that allows you to perform sensitivity testing with alternative dependency structures without changing your model. 

Sensitivity testing of dependencies is often a time-consuming process which our new functionality, called ‘Re-Aggregate’, can do in a matter of seconds with some of the most common dependency structures used in the insurance market.

If you have questions about ANNalytica or feedback about this new functionality please feel free to contact our team

An integrated platform, with one source

As ANNalytica is integrated with the stochastic source data, calculations can be performed quickly. A new model run can be compared on any dimension to perform change analysis in a matter of seconds.

The software uses one data or model source, rather than multiple sources, enabling greater consistency and accuracy.

Innovative solution for risk professionals

ANNalytica is fast gaining a reputation as an innovative, online platform that’s changing the way stochastic model outputs are interpreted and presented to stakeholders.

It is now much easier for risk professionals to generate compelling visual outputs that really engage an audience’s attention, thereby helping businesses to create value. 

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